LMS will provide superior, focused service to its clients.

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LMS is focused upon achieving superior risk-adjusted returns for its clients by acquiring multi-family properties in secondary and tertiary markets located in the Southeast, where the opportunity exists to add value by strategic improvements and an intense focus on property management. By acquiring these value add properties, LMS seeks to achieve significant returns for its investors while mitigating risk by purchasing properties in less volatile and competitive smaller markets. LMS is also focused on high levels of strategic management for third-party owners and investors of Multi-family Housing.

LMS offers clients a senior level team with a view towards establishing both short and long-term operational efficiencies, coupled with a long-term value enhancement strategic orientation. With the partners combined 135 plus years of operations, transactions and legal expertise; LMS will provide superior, focused service to its clients.

LMS plans measured growth of operations from the acquisition of new properties on behalf of its clients. It is the goal of LMS to sustain a moderate level of growth and provide opportunities for value enhancement for clients.
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